Managing World-wide Terrorism

Managing World-wide Terrorism

Terrorism has existed in all areas in the entire world during record. Terrorists have wreaked havoc on an untold quantity of innocent men and women. It absolutely was not until eventually September 11, 2001, but, which the concern of terrorism experienced realized this sort of a solid presence inside nationwide conscience within the Usa, and subsequently the worldwide conscience. (viac…)

Measures to Producing an Educational Research Proposal

Are you able to view beyond my skeptical and miserable eyes? Is it possible to consider my broken center? Would you see simply my concerned experience and firmly tucked trail? I had been not always like this…I had been similar to the dogs that you’re seeking out. (viac…)

Spy portable login

Also, an exceptional GPS mobile monitor contains mindblowing features jointly with a lot of great advantages to tracking the cell device location immediately. By comparing the relative signal strength from a few aerial systems an complete location of the telephone might be approximately determined. (viac…)

Posledné zápasy na vonkajšej pôde bez bodu !!!

P: PIA 28.10. 15.30   OFK Trebatice 6:1 OFK Drahovce / G: Marek Kotlár

Ž: …mali voľno !!!

D: SO 29.10. 11.30   TJ Družstevník Trakovice 0:3 OFK Drahovce/TJ Madunice

A: NE 30.10. 14.00   FK Oreské 4:1 OFK Drahovce / G: Martin Vančo

Na rade boli posledné domáce zápasy…, áčko získalo prvé body na domácej pôde!!!

P: 22.10. 10.30 OFK Drahovce 3:3 OTJ Banka

G: Marek Kotlár 2, Dušan Mazán 1

D: 22.10. 14.00 OFK Drahovce 5:0 MTK Leopoldov

G: D. Vančo 2, A. Šúst 1, J. Lacheta 1, P. Rapavý 1 (11 m)

Ž: 23.10. 11.30 OFK Drahovce 11:0 OŠK Veselé

G: M. Janovský 3, Ľ. Karaba 3, M. Kotlár 2, F. Zivčák 1, L. Cesnek 1, M. Gabriš 1

A: 23.10. 14.00 OFK Drahovce 4:3 TJ Iskra Horné Orešany

G: M. Vančo 2, T. Onder 1, D. Marušic 1